World-class pioneer designer&manufacturer of luxury villa furniture

Focusing on furniture
exclusive customization

Located in Foshan, Guanadong, Guangdong Muchi Furniture Co, Ltd. together with subbrands MCCASA,KARUID, TURR, and SEADIVIA.
has been focusing on the high-end vila furniture customization industry for 15 vears providina customers with one-stop customized service.

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China(UAE)Trade Expo

CHINA(UAE) TRADE FAIR 2023 will be held from June 13th to June 15th,
2023 in the Dubai World Trade Center. Sincerely appreciate your faith and
be in expectation of your visit.

Booth: 3H114 -3H116
Time: 8:00 am -18:00 pm

They are choosing Muchi

Muchi is always deeply welcomed by each customer and be thankful to become their first choice.
Continuously committed to providing personalized and customized products for customers home and aboard.

Customize your exclusive materials

Based on the demand for high-end customization, we selecting all the top-notch materials from
original area just for the delivery of sumptuous furniture to our customers.

Stick to the craftsman's spirit

Its heritage achieve the pursuit of high-end quality. Muchi has a master-level team with 15 years of experience
who puts every product into artificial craft meticulously. Muchi provides consumers with the top-notch furniture
through self-developing technology progress.

Witnesses our unchanging originalintention

Continuously pursue quality, experience, passion, and passion for our craftsmanship. Today, same as yesterday
they lead us to innovate the conception of beauty in discovering functionality and comfort of life, always
keeping us updated in our choices.